Wedding decor hire Ideas that we love

Wedding Décor Ideas We Love

When it comes to weddings, where does one even begin? It’s almost as if this whole new, beautiful and exciting world has opened up to you. Preparing for your wedding is an exciting time, and each moment of the journey to the “Big Day” should be embraced and enjoyed. It’s a time that you will look back on for the rest of your life. Just as it can be fun filled and exciting, along with it comes stress and frustration. One should embrace both the best of times and the worst, as with everything in life. So the best place to start is right where you are, by making a plan and realistic targets for yourself. Examine exactly what it is that you and your significant other want and love, while simultaneously working within the budget you’ve set.  If you’re looking for wedding ideas, you’ve come to the right place. Here are a couple reviews on the latest wedding trends and ideas that we love. Hopefully they will be able to provide you with inspiration for your big day!


Setting the Tone With the Invite

When choosing invites, go for something unique, something that will give you’re guests a glimpse of what to expect at your wedding, without giving it all away. Try avoid the same old cliché wording we’ve all seen before, be bold and brave and word it exactly the way you want! Making the wedding as personal as you can is what’s going to set it apart from the rest, and make it truly special, truly yours. Some of the latest trends are wooden engraved invites, or pretty vintages ones with pops of bright colors, some of painted with beautiful watercolors, others full of pretty flower drawings with rose gold elements.


Bring the Color Back

Keeping your overall colors neutral is a great idea, as this allows you to add brighter pops of color where you seem fit! Pastel palletes are where its at, but essential bright pops of colors here and there make your wedding stand out.

Go Green

Greenery has become the wedding color of the year, and boy is it beautiful! Adding lots of greenery such as beautiful leaves and plants, adds such a majestic touch to your wedding. Blends of green with your flowers is the perfect touch. The best part of this greenery frenzy is that you don’t have to choose green as your theme color! Just add more greenery and you can really choose any color, because they all go with green!


Games For Guests

Games are a great way for guests to break the ice, while you have your photos taken.  Laughs and smiles are guaranteed, as your guests participate in these fun games. Games could include crochet, Yahtzee, mini golf, bocce ball, or anything really. Try be as unique and fun as you can!


Fun Food Presentations

People love food. Yet do you know what they love more than food? Fun food presentations. This adds a fun and edgy element to your wedding. They said that we eat with our eyes first…


Personalized Playlists


There’s nothing worse than going to a wedding that has terrible music. A wedding is a celebration, and there’s no better way to celebrate than by dancing to the special music you and your significant other share. Make sure you love the music that is going to be played, you’ll regret it if you don’t.


Dangling Decor

We LOVE dangling decor, whether it be pieces of laser cut paper, or flower arrangements, or even pictures! This adds such special, magical touch.


Naked Cakes

Not quite frosted, not quite bare. This is one of my personal favorite trends of this year. Naked cakes are so down right pretty. Top them off with some fresh fruit and your theme flowers, and you’re guaranteed to have the best looking cake out there.

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